Sultry Tgirl Brunette SussyMaskTs

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sultry tgirl brunette sussymaskts

Hey guys, I'm sultry tgirl brunette SussyMaskTs. Would you like to come and play with me? I hope so ... cos I like to play. I like it a lot! :))

Cheerful people put me in the mood to please them. Lots of things turn me on. But I guess my personal little fetish is big hands. I love a man with big hands! Makes me fantasize about you running them all over me. Then holding my hips so strong as you take me, totally in control.

Things I hate, in no particular order, are: getting up too early in the morning, salads with cabbage and people who lie.

Seduction is the key to getting all of me. Adore the caress of your big hands on my back while I sip a glass of wine. Love to feel I'm wanted so badly, kisses which make me feel like I'm melting ... and, all the time, that look of such desire in your eyes.

Experimenting with lots of new positions is always fun. But for now, my favorite is sitting on top of you, looking so deeply into your eyes as you slide deep inside me. Hold me tight around the waist like you'll never let me go.

What about you? What fantasies do you have to share with your sultry tgirl brunette? I can't wait to hear. Come find me soon!

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168 cm
N/A kg
French, English, Spanish