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Hi guys, I'm teen trans girl HollyWildX. We can chat together in English or Russian, if you know it. Guess you could say, I'm learning to be not so shy!

I'm airy, tender, ethereal and, some might argue, kinda modest lol. I'm also very hot hehehe! OK, forgive me my little joke.

But I really am quite a shy one. It takes some getting used to, hearing guys tell you how beautiful you are. And sharing the most intimate of moments. It doesn't get much more intimate than cumming together!

Some of you have amazing fantasies! I'm having to learn not to blush. Although some of you like that, I know! Like making me blush is one of your biggest turn-ons!

Wanna make this teen trans girl flushed before we ... you fill in the blank. I'm too shy to say!